Reach & Wash System
How our system works?

Water Fed Pole Systems have transformed the window cleaning industry. Pure water technology allows windows to be cleaned by brushing off the dirt with a soft bristled brush and at the same time rinsing away the dirt with extremely pure water. Using this method, windows are left wet. Once dry you will see that the windows are spotless since all minerals and impurities have been removed from the water during the purification process.

Glass is cleaned at the same time as fascias and frames, at no extra cost, providing a better and longer-lasting clean.

Its first plus point is its reach capability which means windows, conservatories and signs can be cleaned quickly with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Its other main asset is its use of pure water with NO chemicals.

Chemicals are not just bad for the environment, but bad for your windows too. They leave behind sticky soap residue which actually attracts fresh dirt back to the window. The windows drip dry but because of the pure water, no streaks or water marks are left behind.


• We can clean hard to access windows that you couldn’t clean with a ladder. Including windows above conservatory roofs etc.

• We clean all your frame work including doors leaving your frames as clean as your windows.

• We don’t have to rest ladders on gutters or walk on roofs minimising any breakages and safety risks.

• Customer privacy. Cleaning upstairs windows from the ground using a water fed pole means that we don’t need to be climbing up to bedroom windows.

• We can reach up to 65 feet. So cleaning up to 5 floors is not a problem.

• Removes cobwebs, birds mess and other unwanted blemishes.

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